Our Story

Established 2011
100% California grown olives
Sunshine Gardens
Formed from a necessity of variety to improve my cooking lifestyle, I started out doing simple flavor infusions for my own pantry, and before I knew it I was studying up in Northern California to become a member of the Olive Oil Council of California. That was where I have since been fortunate with opportunity to work with many California farmers and producers of premium extra virgin olive oil. This directly expanded my knowledge and passion for the growing California olive oil industry and all organics. Plus I have always had a passion for food, wine and entertaining.
Our Storefront
Farmer's Market
We represent northern regions which offer unique styles from many varieties and cultivars of local California olives. Our primary source region is located in San Ynez, California. Our growers have state of the art mills and presses with control over the quality and style of oil that is produced. There are a depth of styles to choose, and the co-milled flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils are as good as it gets when each fruit or herb is crushed directly with the olives during the milling process.

This produces rich, vibrant flavor, along with high levels of antioxidants when harvested correctly and on-time, always to meet the ideal window of flavors. Harvested in the fall and produced in cycles into the new year, allowing fresh cycles of Oil. Even if you buy olive oil later in the season, the inventory will be fresh.

We are proud to offer you a  True California Style.

Sue B. Robers

Tasting Room

Our Storefront

Weekends:  11 am to 4 pm

Nested in Sunshine Gardens. Stop by and soak up the garden atmosphere with an olive oil tasting. Take a look around our store, its small, humble, and doesn't skip on artisan quality. 

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Farmer's Markets

Weekends:  Sundays

Our booth can frequently be found in two local markets. Join us in Encinitas, CA at the Leucadia Farmers Market, and the Rancho Santa Fe Farmer's Markets every Sunday morning.