Cherry Balsamic

$ 20.00 USD

Rich and sweet, the black cherry balsamic is a favorite for the grill and gourmet meat cookers! Outstanding when paired with pork, duck or chicken. Try using for wings, ribs, and marinating meats or for a delightful salad dressing on a Gorgonzola salad!

Balsamic are bottles of loaded flavor. Originally processed in Italy, made from whole and partial grape must. Our balsamics are fresh and of the salad variety.  Always perfect for pairing with an oil, or balancing a dish that requires a delicious acidic influence. Made from my favorite Italian varietals, including sambroxa, safflower, and white wine grapes which are best grown on California soil. Great for the right balance of fats and acids in any dish. They are free of additives, preservatives, additives, and salt.Throw some in a pan with sugar to create glaze.

Regular: 375 ml

Mini: 100 ml

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