Pappardelle's Pasta

$ 12.00 USD

Traditional Italian pasta making methods: fresh, high-quality ingredients and small batches. Why? Pasta as art? Indeed! Our pasta is produced with the same care and attention to detail that artists use when taking paint to canvas or chisel to stone. Pappardelle’s pasta is a true artisanal food. And what exactly is an artisanal food? It is made by hand, using the finest-quality ingredients available and following traditional methods of production.

Regular Pastas

.7 lb (9oz)

Gluten Free

.4lb (6.4oz)

Regarding Gluten Free

We believe our efforts to isolate our GF pasta have been successful as many Celiacs and gluten sensitive individuals have enjoyed our GF pasta since 2010, and we have independent lab tests confirming non-detect of gluten at 10 ppm. But if you are very sensitive to gluten, you should take into account that our facility is non-dedicated.

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